Monday, May 30, 2011

The Adventures of Discounted Microdermabrasion

I love deals. Getting “anything” at 90% off makes my heart race wildly. So when Trubates had a deal for 3 microdermabrasions for $100 (originally $450) I just had to try it. So after 4 attempts at getting an appointment I finally secured one. After reading a few -ok ALL of the reviews on yelp about ESEA Skincare I was very skeptical about this place. Number 1: how do they make any money if they are practically giving away microdermabrasion treatments for $33 an hour??? Is this place an Asian facial sweatshop or something? Are they going to tell me my skin is horrible and pressure me to buy $200 in skincare products? Ahhh...but my thrill of the cheap overcame me again and there I was waiting for my esthetician who turned out to be a white girl in her mid twenties wearing uggs. I asked her (Natalie) what is exactly microdermabrasion and she explained that it's a mechanical exfoliation that uses crushed diamonds and a suction to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis. Crushed diamonds and a mini vacuum... ok why not.

The microdermabrasion portion is very quick about 15-20 minutes at most. The rest of the facial involves creams etc. the usual. I would tell you more but I actually fell asleep for half of it. After the facial I emerged (still half asleep) with glowing smoother skin. I tipped Natalie $25 because even though I cheap I'm not stingy and scheduled my 2nd appointment. The receptionist informed me they were having a sale and I could get two more treatments for an extra $50. I decided to wait just in case my skin had a horrible breakout overnight. If that happened I would have to punish them on but so far my skin still looks like it's been reborn.

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