Saturday, December 29, 2012

Travel in Style: Rome to Cinque Terre

I am proud of myself that I left Rome after four days and only managed to buy one thing = a 7 euro wool head scarf.  I bought it out of necessity since I realized that I somehow dropped my knit beanie somewhere between the Spanish Steps and the Colosseum. Even though we spent a couple hours browsing shops near the Spanish Steps I resisted temptation. There was really nothing I wanted and I really like how I can independently carry my small suitcase up long flights of stairs without having to bat my eyelashes at my husband. I am also still at odds with leather. Italian leather is world-renowed but there is something perplexing (at least to me) about walking into a small shop and it smelling like a tannery. 

Rome Style Style

Rome Outfit Day #2:
 Outfit Details:  Sweater $50 Narcisso Rodriguez for Kohls, Zara sweater dress $20, maroon tights $7 @ Forever 21, Aerosole Boots, & Top Shop studded bag $75.

Express train from Rome to Cinque Terre
 Train Outfit Details: Laundry Jacket $35 @, Uniqlo wool sweater, Uniqlo skinny jeans, sunglasses from a cart in the mall $10, $5 cashmere mix scarf from the Alameda flea market, and 7 euro  head scarf from a small shop in Rome.

La Dolce Vita @ Riomaggiore

Manarola -one of the most photogenic villages in Italy.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

PETA Would Have a Field Day in Rome, Italy

Stylish Ladies in Fur

For the holidays I've returned to one of my favorite cities in the world -Rome, Italy! My workaholic husband desperately needed a vacation (this is the excuse I used) so I used some of my American Airline miles and got us two plane tickets to Italy. Italy is actually a great place to travel to in December especially for travelers on a budget. Winter is considered low season so hotels are more affordable, there is less tourists, the Euro is lower than it has been in previous years, and more availability everywhere. The last time I was here I was in college -which was over 12 years ago. My husband has never been and since we met I have told him about how amazing the people, the culture, fashion, and FOOD are in Italy so it has been fabulous showing him some of my favorite places. I'll be blogging about Italy for the next two weeks so check back as I travel through this vibrant country. Happy Holidays everyone!

Christmas Market on Christmas Night

Trevi Fountain

Colosseum (a potential X-mas card for next year)

Rome Day 2: Outfit Details

1.) Laundry Jacket $35 @
2.) Zara Dress (borrowed from a friend)
3.) Kate Spade Purse $165 (purchased on sale from
4.) Aerosoles slouchy leather boots $85
5.) Uniqlo Heat Tech leggings $12

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Narcisco Rodriguez for Kohls

For the record I have NEVER been able to wake up early enough to purchase any type of designer collaboration (i.e., Thakoon for Target, Jason Wu for Target, Versace for H&M,e tc.). I value sleep over fashion and I hate waiting in line for anything. I can however maneuver my macbook air into bed around 7 a.m. and shop while I slowly wake up (still in my cozy p.j.s, surrounded by my warm West Elm pintuck duvet). So I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when at 7:00 a.m. I was able to purchase a few (o.k. five) items from the Narcisco Rodriguez for Kohl's collaboration. Everything featured was available in my size and featured an extra 30 % off -instant score. Below is what I ordered. I HOPE everything fits, you never know when you buy something online about the sizing. Thankfully, Kohl's has an amazing return policy if nothing fits (aka my sign to stop eating carbs).  I'll do an update when I get my package next week. Check it out and let me know if you were able to purchase any of the dresses. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

$40 Off

There are so many shoe monthly memberships that can make any fashionista's head spin. Just Fab, Shoe Dazzle, Sole Society, and Shoe Mint are the four biggest sites. Out of all these sites Shoe Mint  has the lowest inventory but for someone that can get overstimulated with "too much stuff" I appreciate that most of the collection can be seen within one screen page. I personally also feel that Shoe Mint has more stylish and practical shoes. Unlike the Kardashians I can't pull off 6 inch spiked heels every day -I work with children for heaven's sake...really fast children. 

Check out and if anything catches your eye use the coupon code below: SAVE40F to receive $40 off (practically 50%) off your first item. I have my eyes on the Lorena heels below. They are definitely not appropriate for work but they will stand out during a Girl's Night Out. 

Candy (Wine) $120
Nancy $80
Leila $80
Sasha $120
Lorena $80

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Look for Less: Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag

I did a double take when I saw this black vegan leather studded bucket bag from Pixiemart today. It looks so much like the Alexandra Wang Diego bucket bag BUT it doesn't cost a small fortune and an animal didn't have to get skinned in the process (double yeah). In fact for the price of one Alexander Wang bag I can buy 16 pixiemart bucket bags OR I can do something realistic and use the spare money to buy groceries for the next three months...ah priorities....

Alexander Wang Diego bag $825 @ Barney's
Alexander Wang studs 

Pixiemart studded Vegan leather bag  only $51

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Looks for Less: Ribbon Statement Necklace

I recently accompanied my friend Julia on a mini shopping trip. One thing on her "list" was a few statement necklaces. My definition of a statement necklace is a piece that is bold, vibrant, eye-catching, bigger than your usual string necklace, and of course a necklace that will grant you multiple compliments when you grace it around your neck.  Below is the ribbon statement necklace that will instantly dress up a plain white tee or a glamorous silk black dress. 

Amrita Singh "Aztec" Silk Ribbon Necklace $250 @ Endless

Madiya Blue Ribbon Necklace $50

Bali Collar Necklace $17.50

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Obsession: Stylish Bitchy Girls in NYC

Now that Truebood Season 5 is over I'm taking a break from vampires (until Vampire Diaries return of course) and getting hooked on watching stylish bitchy girls in NYC. Bravo's Gallery Girls makes me regret canceling our cable but paying $2 an episode still beats paying $50 a month for cable. I love the "I don't care what you f$*king think of me attitude" that all these girls exude. I also love their clothes and accessories -well except for that hideous neutral wool jacket that Long Island Kerri always wears (insert evil bitchy laugh here).

Another great new show about a stylish skinny bitchy girl torturing her midwest roommate is aptly named "Don't Trust the B--- in Apt. 23". This show is less drama and more comedy than Gallery Girls but it has that "OMG I can't believe that b*tch did that" effect. This show is on ABC = no cable necessary. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Designer Profile: Pixie Market

Next time I'm in New York City I am adding Pixie Mart to my "must see" list right next to Todd English's Olive's Restaurant. I can't believe I missed my golden opportunity to surround myself with some edgy but affordable fashions. Thankfully they have an online store: Below are some notable stylish finds each under $100. I can only purchase one...maybe the Pony Lucite flats or Cobalt Lace top? I do also love that oh-so  impractical Snake ring....
Picnic Dress $59
Navy Shift dress $38

Jesse Dress $51

Snake ring $23

Clutch $44
Pony Lucite flats $89
Cobalt Lace top $36

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Look for Less: Leather Peplum

 Wow- Gwen Stefani is almost 43 years old and still rocking it. Here she is at a recent performance wearing a leather peplum top with her signature platinum blonde hair and matte red lips. A peplum anything (top, jacket, dress, etc.) is a must for fall. Pair the leather peplum with a pair of black skinny jeans or a pencil skirt  and you'll guarantee to feel like a vixen.

Vegan Leather Peplum Top $98

CÖ Vegan Leather Peplum Tank $89

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Look Like a Domestic Goddess for $6


I stumbled upon this cupcake injector at Word Market Cost Plus a few months ago for only $5.99. This simple kitchen tool has transformed me into the person that volunteers to bring homemade cupcakes to gatherings. Even though the cupcakes were made from a cake mix I still had to bake them so they are technically "home made". The cupcake injector is super easy to use and almost makes you "look" like a semi-professional cupcake decorator. Works well with deviled eggs too.

Red velvet cupcakes I made for my friend's engagement party.

Vanilla cupcakes I made for a gender neutral baby shower.

I didn't cake a cupcake container so I used bamboo steamer. -it actually worked really well.

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