Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Heart You Jcrew

I opened flipped through my latest Jcrew catalogue this morning and saw everything from last season recycled again only this time in spring colors and accessorized with a leopard belt ->I'm not joking. I did like this "heart throb" outfit which they unusually paired with leopard shoes. Um jcrew stylist if you are reading this blog (which is 0.01 % chance) these two things do not go together o.k.! I originally thought this heart outfit was a dress but when I looked online it is actually two pieces $128 skirt + $135 shirt =too much money for this outfit. It would have probably made more sense if they sold this as a dress ~ maybe even a wrap dress and priced it for under $200. The print is adorable and either piece (or both) would be perfect for Valentine's Day -which um if my husband is reading this (another 0.01 % chance) is only two weeks away.
Jcrew "heart throb"
skirt only 

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