Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Looks for Less: Collar Dress


My dog Dexter.  It's good that he's so cute because he is soooo much work. 

Dogs at the SPCA currently waiting adoption. 

Dogs are NOT budget friendly. They are insanely expensive. I would have probably reconsidered getting a dog if someone *a fairy budget fairy maybe* would have told me that within the first six months of getting a dog I would be paying close to $1,500 alone in vet bills, food, and damages. My dog Dexter  has caused me a lot of frustration and his presence in our home has caused a great deal of tension between me and my husband (this is not good if you have only been married for 3 months).  I call Dexter "special needs" because he has A LOT of anxiety, fear (which sometimes causes him to bite strangers), and he suffers from environmental allergies (the source of all our vet bills). My intern told me that it is a good thing that I adopted him because there would not be a lot of people that could deal with him financially and emotionally. Dexter was essentially abandoned by his previous owners because they got divorced and could not/did not want to bring them into their next home.

Today after vet trip #4 (within the past 3 months) at the SPCA I stopped in the adoption department. I toured all the halls and my heart went out to all the  dogs who are waiting for adoption. The receptionist at the adoption center told me to carry Dexter in my arms because the other dogs may get "jealous". There was the CUTEST little 2 month old puppy that was missing a leg and another puppy that just sat and stared directly at me. If I didn't have Dexter I would have tried to adopt him BUT I would feel horrible adopting him and leaving his brother behind. I really feel that people want a dog they should not "buy" a dog at a breeder. There are so many dogs that need a good home. AND I want to caution people that they should NOT get a dog (as I have painfully learned) unless they can truly afford one.

If dogs are this expensive then I can't imagine how expensive having children will be. Maybe I should have started saving for kids when I was fourteen! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Academy Awards 2012 Sequined Looks for WAYYYY Less

Roberto Cavalli
Ralph Lauren $270

 Vivienne Westwood 

Bernshaw Dress $175

Diane Von Furstenberg 
Blaque Label $66

Looks for Less: Color Blocking

Bottega Veneta $1,400 @ Net-A-Porter

Hive & Honey $59 @

Navajo (part 2) the Necklace

If you think Navajo is too trendy for your taste and do not want to invest more than $10 in the look than purchase some accessories. I spotted these necklaces at Forever 21. These necklaces range from $6-$8. Pair them with a dress, a white t-shirt and jeans, or with the $27 denim shirt I'm obsessed with. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The High, Medium, & Low of Navajo

My trendy BFF reminded me this past weekend that the "Navajo" look is in. Mmm...I'm not sure I want to re-create Pocahontas but I saw some really cute Navajo sequin skirts this weekend and thought to myself I could rock that.

Parker Navajo Print $275

Zara $129

Vera Moda SALE $48.34 @ ASOS

Simple Orchid Center Piece

$5.50 on Wholesale Flowers & Supplies

$7.99 on Wholesale Flowers and Supplies
This is a another simple decorating idea I saw from my hotel. It's budget friendly because you do not need a lot of flowers to make a bold statement. Also the arrangement is modern and elegant at the same time. If you do not want to use orchids you can also use roses. Vases range from $5.50-$8.00. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where I Can I Buy Those Chairs?

The chairs in the lobby of our hotel (Renaissance 57)

From the MoMA -I can do can do this

@ MoMa -Mid-mod century chairs

These were hanging above our table at brunch. @ Crosby Hotel, Soho

@ Crosby Hotel. I love the rug

Funky right? @ our friend Sandy's apartment (HI SANDY!!!)
My time in New York is dwindling down. I need to come back and spend a week here -there is so much to see. I can spend an entire week just wandering Soho. The city has really given me some really great ideas in interior design. I think I have been spending more time oogling the furniture and interior design in NYC than I have the fashions. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

75% off Amrita Singh Earrings: NOW $25

ERC 643
List Price: $100.00
ERC 02
List Price: $100.00
ERC 642
List Price: $100.00
ERC 50
List Price: $100.00
ERC 1111
List Price: $100.00
ERC 802
List Price: $100.00
ERC 804
List Price: $100.00
ERC 803
List Price: $100.00
ERC 801
List Price: $100.00
ERC 650
List Price: $100.00
ERC 615
List Price: $100.00
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