Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Adventures of Eyebrow Threading....Ouch

Over the past five years I think I have spent close to almost $1,700 getting my eyebrows done -OUCH! The woman that does my brows charges $28 each session and then there's a tip. I've also gotten use to waxing my brows every month. It's an addiction...I would rather wait 5 months to get a haircut then forgo my monthly eyebrow waxing. I love the way my brows look after they are waxed ~ so groomed and clean. Yesterday, I tried threading for the first time at Jun's Beauty Salon. Jun's is located in the Sunset and it is not fancy place. It's a mom and pop (literally) beauty salon hidden on 7th Street. Jun is the sweetest person. Sometimes she is really "frank" but her intentions are pure. Jun also has a reputation as one of the best eye brow threaders in S.F. (see her yelp reviews).  She also charges $15 which is considerably less than the $28 I have been paying for years.  Threading is a hair removal technique that uses a cotton thread. The thread is twisted and rolled and lifts the hair quickly from the follicle. It uses no chemicals (like wax) and is recommended for people with sensitive skin. The process takes just the same amount of time and looks more natural (in my opinion) than waxing. With the money I saved I got myself a manicure. Threading is a more affordable alternative to waxing. So we will see where I go next month and if threading can slowly break my addiction to waxing.

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  1. I looooove threading and have a go-to place in Berkeley. I hope you like it and save some $ in the process!


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