Friday, February 24, 2012

BUT I Dont' Want to Wait in Line...

Day 2 in NYC.  This place exhaust me. I love city life but there are so many people, so much going on, and the energy in NYC is insane, chaotic, and eclectic all . I wanted to rest this afternoon since  we will be having a late night tonight but when I got to my hotel room I glanced outside the window and felt like a loser for being there. So here I am catching up with my internet life at the "Juan Valdez Cafe", which is half a block from my hotel.

Here's the view outside of our hotel room. We booked on (name your own price, etc.) and got a pretty good deal =$150 for a 4 star hotel. I am directionally challenged so I have no clue what part of the city we are but I do know that we are next to 5th, Madison, and Park Ave. Bloomingdales is also two blocks from the hotel.

I took the subway yesterday, which smelled like urine and I got frustrated with myself because I brought four pairs of shoes, 3 jackets, 3 dresses BUT no damn hand sanitizer. I took a picture of this Japanese girl because I really liked her outfit. I'm pretty obsessed with how the Japanese dress. She's trending: flat laced boots with skinny jeans.

I did make it to the Barney's Warehouse sale which was not that eventful. The guy section was really nice and it was stocked with a great selection of shirts and suits. The women's section on the other hand....well women become crazy demonic scavengers when a sample sale possesses them. Some of the garments were ripped and the place looked like a Ross (no offense to those of you who shop at Ross but that's what it looked liked) without the Ross prices. There was also a line to try things on and a line to pay and I hate waiting in line  ->this is a huge reason why internet shopping appeals to me. So I left empty handed and searched for Uniqlo on google maps.

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