Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Surprise SALE @ Kate Spade

The last time Kate Spade had a sample sale I went a little crazy...see picture below. Right now she is having a surprise sale taunting us all with up to 75% off and "for a limited time only". Damn you Kate, damn you! I would really love to pick up some accessories and another bag but I have this person now called a husband who has been very understanding about my shoes and jackets but would probably cancel our once a month housekeeper if I brought another bag into our home. A girl could internet browse, blog, and pinterest about the sale I guess (sigh). Lusting from afar is always 100% off.

Kate Spade December Sample sale -necklace, earrings, wallet, and two purses ALL for under $500

SALE $59

SALE $29

SALE $129

SALE $69

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