Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things You Learn From Sappy Movies

Over the weekend I did a "chick flick" night with two of my girlfriends and we watched the Vow. You know the movie that stars Tatum Channeling as the hot pining husband of his adorable traumatic brain injured wife Rachel McAdams. Anyways, if you haven't seen the movie I'm not going to spoil it for you. Basically over cocktails after the movie with my girlfriends I reflected on when you are falling in love, becoming his girlfriend, and then trying to get him to marry you -you basically step up your game.  There was a scene in the move in which Tatum made a care package for I did that for my now husband once a upon a time when we were dating. I did a ton of things that just melted his masculine heart but now only after what 2 months of marriage I sometimes forget (aka too lazy) to shave my legs, pick up his dry cleaning, or even tell him goodbye as I'm running out of the door to get to work. I'm not saying he is perfect and that he writes me love texts everyday but he tries when he can and I guess I do too. The movie (which ladies I know is just a movie) did make me realize that I do need to sometimes act like I'm still dating my husband. Things like plan a date for us, dress up a bit more on our dinners out, make him dinner a bit more (don't judge I'm work full-time), and spend less time online and more time connecting with him. So there are things you can learn and pick up from a sappy movie. Hey- an $11 movie is definitely cheaper than marriage therapy.

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