Sunday, February 5, 2012

Unplug & Enjoy the Outdoors

Mexican Train
Tomales Bay

Baker Beach Coastal Hike

Dexter Bear @ the Beach

Want to save money? It's easy unplug and have a picnic with friends or go on a long hike. Yesterday, my friend organized her birthday celebration at Tomales Bay. Everyone brought some food to grill, we bought $1 oysters, bottles of wine, two different kinds of birthday cake, and board games (thanks Jeff). It was so fun and so much cheaper than if the 18+ of us met at a San Francisco restaurant and split the bill. This morning I woke up nice and early (7am) to witness the race for Jason Wu at Target. I was sooo wrong his clothes had a rack life of um...30 seconds. I then joined two of my girlfriends for a four hour hike. It was an amazingly beautiful San Francisco day. My 6 pound yorkie Dexter motivated all of us to move. Common if his pint sized body can endure this much walking then we should be able to move our a**es up those stairs. Too bad I gained back all the calories I lost on the hike by eating a blue cheese burger at my friend Paul's superbowl party. 

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