Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blame It On the Alcohol...

Saks 5th Ave. sandals (orig. $235) purchased for $37.48

Boutique 9 Booties (orig. $150) sale $44

Polka Dot dress (orig. $118) bought for $10.71!!!  Purple Dress right (orig. $128) bought for $29.99
My friend Uma calls the Petaluma Outlets the best place to sober up after a day of wine tasting. When she suggested stopping by I couldn't say no mostly because she was driving. Since it was Sunday evening around 5:30 p.m. we only had time to stop off at one store: the Saks 5th Ave outlet. While Uma and her cousin Kala started browsing at the front of the store I headed straight towards the sale rack ->ladies the key to outlet shopping is head straight to the sale rack even if it means leaving the pack behind. The Saks outlet were further reducing their sale merchandise by an additional 50%. I picked up a pair of Saks brand real leather cream scandals for $38, booties for $44, a purple silk dress for $30, and this mini dress for $10. The Polka dot dress was already on sale for $63 --> then 50% --> it had a minor tear on the skirt (totally fixable with a sewing needle) so in the end it was reduced by an additional 33% =  $10.  Total price for all items (would have originally cost $700 at Saks a few seasons ago) was $131. Can I blame my shopping fix on the alcohol or on my poor impulse control...

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