Saturday, March 10, 2012

Is Lent Over Yet?

Very proud of myself because I haven't bought a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes in 14 days  -well I guess that isn't such a long time....BUT I'm about to break down because there is some really cute outfits on sale on This is currently what's on my virtual shopping chart. Not sure if I will "check out". Please deliver me from temptation...

SALE $28 -so perfect to wear with heels or flat boots

SALE $33 

SALE $35 -dress in seafoam the "it" color for Spring

SALE $25

SALE $30 -I have the perfect shoes to wear with this dress :-(


  1. While very cute... some of those dresses are a little too short! they may look good on your petit frame, though :)

  2. Thanks! Let's see how they look. I did break down (big surprise right) and buy a few dresses...


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