Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sharing Is Caring

For Lent I've decided to give up buying clothes and shoes (*gasp*). This may be difficult...ok it's going to be damn near impossible and I might start smoking cigarettes (just joking) but it's something I need to at least attempt.  What is going to help me through this process is having great friends that I can borrow and swap clothes with. Luckily I have a few closet sisters (women who share the same size as me) that I can lean on for support. My friend Uma and I have been swapping clothes for the past year. We both love it because it has saved us a lot of money and we have been there for each other in times of fashion emergencies (aka "I have nothing to wear").

I wore the outfit above last Friday to a birthday party at Cigar Bar. The cute dress above is a Zara dress Uma bought during their winter blowout sale. The rest of the clothes are mine: jacket (label: Mac & Jac) $25 from, BCBG Generation boots $80 from Marshalls, faux diamond stud earrings $12 from TJ Maxx, and the vintage Gucci purse was borrowed (um 7 years ago) from my mother's closet. Mom- if you are reading this remember I learned that "sharing is caring" from you so don't be mad about your missing Gucci bag. 

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  1. very classy outfit, I like the mix of prints!



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