Monday, March 26, 2012

Fashions You Should NEVER Buy Even If You Won the Lottery

I think someone at  Diane Von Furstenberg made a mistake and these pants should have been  marketed for her children's Gap line. Cute on an infant not so much for a grown woman walking down the street. What does it cost to look instantly tacky = $405

Even if these pants were $2 at the Mission St. Goodwill I would NEVER buy them. I can't believe  shopbop is selling them for $355! 

Crochet Chanel Bag $3500 for that Uber-rich woman that sits on the board at PETA and is 90 years old

Iris Schieferstein £1,300 per pair -for the rich that have a kinky animal fetish and want everyone to know it.  


  1. OMG so ugly!!! I'm also super against the new pajama trend... what's up with fancy celebrities wearing expensive pajamas? ugly, ugly, ugly.

    1. So true...they should stick with wearing Lululemon or juicy couture sweatsuits. Anything is better than ugly pajamas! Agreed.


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