Monday, April 30, 2012

Looks for Less: More Mary Katrantzou

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lazy Sunday

I love lazy family Sundays. Today the husband and I had brunch with his sister and his cousin at Town Hall in the SOMA. After brunch we drove over to Hayes Valley and walked around the boutiques and enjoyed homemade ice cream from Smitten Ice Cream. We were blessed with sunshine so I decided to wear this linen dress I bought from Japan over 6 years ago. I hadn't worn this dress in over 3 years but I recently hemmed it in order to modify the look to be just a bit sassier. 

What I wore: Linen dress bought from the Kyoto train station for $20, sunglasses $15 from Ambiance, yarn necklace $2 from Bali,  Kate Spade bag $99. 

Franco Sarto red wedge sandals (so old I can't remember the price).

@ Hayes Valley

Smittens Ice Cream made to order in 60 seconds thanks to liquid  nitrogen.
Miette -I can't leave here without buying a little something
Avedano's Meat Truck

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Looks for Less: Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou $1,950 @ Barney's

Zara $99

I  have never heard of  Mary Katrantzou until a few months ago when I spotted one of her dresses in a Nordstrom catalogue. The graphics on her dresses are literally wearable pieces of art. If I were ever able to purchase one of her dresses -which by the way retail from $1,000-$8,000 then I wouldn't wear it. Instead I would frame it on my bedroom wall like an antique kimono.  So I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted a "looks for less" version at Zara today for $99. The print may not be as vivid as a Mary Katrantzou but for $99 I'll take it. Now I just need another 75 degree day in San Francisco...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Rainbow Right

Sorry China Chow -I think you are gorgeous and I respect you for taking a risk but it seriously looks like the inspiration for your outfit was a head-on collision between Rainbow Brite and Cousin It.  I love the look of rainbow. How can you not adore a spectrum of vivid colors but after seeing this I wanted to put a black hoodie over my head and embrace my inner Lisbeth Salander (aka the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). Instead I decided to see the "rainbow" at the other end of that hairy thing and picked out some colorful looks that you don't have to comb to wear. 
Rainbow Right

Motel vintage party dress
$58 -

Knit cardigan
$32 -

Jeffrey campbell wedge
$119 -

Sorrelli rainbow ring
$50 -

Forever 21 jewelry
$11 -

Carole rainbow necklace
$9.99 -

$18 -

Maybelline lipstick
€75 -

Yves Saint Laurent lipstick
$32 -

Violent Lips lipstick
£11 -


Vera Wang fragrance
$60 -

Juicy Couture gift sets kit
$95 -

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You Call it Chevron, I Call It Zig Zag...

Essentially in my mind it's the same thing but you are someone that just needs to be exact then above is a visual explanation for you posted by . Whatever it's called I'm pretty obsessed with the pattern -can't you just tell from the background of this blog? Adding a touch of zig zag (this is what I've decided to call it because it's more fun than chevron) in your home just adds modern burst of cheer and chic into decor. My advice for the home is to keep it to one or two items in a room. It's such a bold pattern it will stand out on it's own. Below are some budget finds if you are looking to add some of your own zig and zag:

Comes in an assortment of colors (including orange)  $39-$74 @ Urban Outfitters
Chevron Duvet $24-$109 @ West Elm

Chevron Armchair $250 @ Target

Like the one on the left but cheaper $25 @ Amazon

Zig Zag pouf @ Etsy $85

Here is another budget idea. On the left is a $4 placemat from West Elm. Frame the placemat for some easy zig zag art. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Easy Entertaining Featuring Seafood

On Saturday night my neighbors decided to do an impromptu get together. My husband and I spent the majority of the day walking around the city and soaking me the last remnants of the day's sunshine so when 7pm (the time the party started) we looked at each other and were like "oh sh**" what are we going to make? We had no food at the house and didn't want to bring something processed. So we bolted  to Wholefoods and I spotted some blacked sesame ahi tuna steaks. We literally made this appetizer in under 10 minutes and arrived fashionably late at our neighbor's house ( they live two doors down it took about 10 seconds to get there). This appetizer was a hit with the party so I wanted to share the recipe in case anyone else needed to devise a  yummy, healthy, and semi-fancy dish in under 10 minutes.


1.) Purchase some ahi tuna steaks with sesame seeds. If you can't find any just coat brush the tuna steak with a mixture of sesame oil + soy sauce then press it into sesame seeds
2.) Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a pan over high heat until very hot. Place the steaks in the pan and sear for about 30 seconds on each side.
3.) Cut the tuna into pieces and lay on salad greens coated with sesame dressing.
4.) Dipping Sauce: fresh grated ginger with soy sauce and two squirts of lemon.

My other neighbor brought some fresh oysters to the party so we had a mini oyster station. Oyster shucking lesson included of course. 

A selection of olives, peppers, and french bread with dipping sauce.

Plates of meats and cheeses.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I took a break from blogging the past few days to enjoy the San Francisco sunshine and spend some quality time with the hubby. After weeks of cold and rainy weather it was finally in the high 70's. Why spend time in front of a computer when you can be soaking in the sun. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Back to the grind tomorrow....

Dolores Park on a sunny day

BCBG snake skin sandals $20 from the BCBG outlet (Napa)
Necklace (free from a neighbor), dress (borrowed from a friend),  polarized sunglasses ($12)
Mission Art
New cafe in the Mission: 780 Valencia
Inside 780 Valencia

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