Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is Vintage the New Black?

Kyle Richards, from the Housewives of Beverly Hills, once said the minute you attach "vintage" to anything it becomes instantly "chic". Not sure how accurate that is but there is a certain je ne sais quoi to an item that has some history. Last Sunday, Susan and I checked out the Alameda Point Antiques Faire. This faire is the touted as the largest antique show in Northern California and held on the 1st Sunday of every month. Although I have lived in Northern California for 7+ years this was my first trip but it will not be my last. I'm very grateful for Susan for dragging me -I mean "motivating" me out of bed by 8 a.m. on a Sunday to check this place out.  My tips for anyone coming to this place are to start early and bring as much cash with you as you are willing to spend. Also, don't be afraid to negotiate. You want to offer a price that is fair for both parties, not a price that will insult them. Oh and to the woman who bought (30 seconds before I spotted them) the vintage Chanel earrings for $20 I hate you.

There is LOTS of vintage jewelry. The best finds and deals happen when you literally do some digging.

Tons of vintage fakes. I guess the Chinese were replicating Louis Vuitton even in the 80's. These bags were priced from $10-$20, but I'm sure there was room for negotiations. If you can't tell from the outside look in the inside for a serial number and examine all the details (i.e. leather, tag, zipper, etc.). There are also tutorials on to help you determine "real" from fake. 

Cut off denim shorts anyone??? 

Susan negotiated these boots from $15 to $10. 

So jealous Susan found this. I told her she could wear it with a LBD or a bright solid colored cocktail dress. I want to borrow...

One thing that surprised me is the number of very well dressed middle-aged women shopping at this flea market. This woman dressed in a beautiful Tory Burch jacket (above) and I debated the authenticity of this Trunks & Bags Louis Vuitton purse. If this bag was real it would be worth (post-cleaning of course) around $1,000-$1,400. She swore it was real and I betted it was fake.  It had no serial number and the inside looked really cheap. I later researched the bag details online and found out I was right. The thing is if you saw this impeccably dressed woman walking down the street with this bag the thought of whether her bag was authentic would never cross your mind.

Vintage Valentino. It just needs a really good dry cleaning. 

What I spent my money on: 1.) This great mod print wool scarf (it felt expensive), 2.) this authentic leather Dooney and Burke handbag (it's great for work and travel because it fits my Mac Book Air), and 3.) these vintage jewelry pieces. 


  1. wow great findings!! I'll have to go next time

    1. Cool. On my calendar. Let's stop at Philz before we head out.


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