Friday, April 27, 2012

Rainbow Right

Sorry China Chow -I think you are gorgeous and I respect you for taking a risk but it seriously looks like the inspiration for your outfit was a head-on collision between Rainbow Brite and Cousin It.  I love the look of rainbow. How can you not adore a spectrum of vivid colors but after seeing this I wanted to put a black hoodie over my head and embrace my inner Lisbeth Salander (aka the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). Instead I decided to see the "rainbow" at the other end of that hairy thing and picked out some colorful looks that you don't have to comb to wear. 
Rainbow Right

Motel vintage party dress
$58 -

Knit cardigan
$32 -

Jeffrey campbell wedge
$119 -

Sorrelli rainbow ring
$50 -

Forever 21 jewelry
$11 -

Carole rainbow necklace
$9.99 -

$18 -

Maybelline lipstick
€75 -

Yves Saint Laurent lipstick
$32 -

Violent Lips lipstick
£11 -


Vera Wang fragrance
$60 -

Juicy Couture gift sets kit
$95 -

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