Thursday, May 3, 2012

Discounts for Educators!

Today I finally asked our stylish occupational therapist a question that has puzzled me since I met her ->"Where do you shop"? I figured she was going to say Hong Kong or some other impossible place to get to but she laughed and said "Madewell" and "Jcrew".  Then she added that she gets 15% off these stores by showing her educator I.D. WHAT??? I could have been getting discounts this entire time. Over the past 7+ years working in education I could have been saving money!!! I know about the Apple educators discount but I never knew about the ones below. Take advantage of these discounts if you already shop at these stores and if you work in education. I know I certainly will...

Clothing Stores
1.) Ann Taylor Loft -15% off
2.) Banana Republic (in-store only) 10% off with ID
3.) Club Monaco (in-store only) 20% off for students
4.) J-Crew (in-store only) 15% off with ID, valid at outlets too
5.) The Limited (In-store only) – 15% off with pay stub or teacher ID card
6.)  Aersoles -15% off for teachers who are members of The National Education Association. 
7.) Madewell -15% off (in-store only)

Speciality Stores
1. Michael’s – 15% off with school ID  -> I included this one for you Jenica because you love this store.

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