Thursday, May 10, 2012

Semi-Budget Travel: Glamping

When most people hear the word "camping" they think of roughing it in the woods, cooking their meals over an open fire, and sleeping in a tent. Last weekend my husband and I went "glamping" at Treebones Resort in Big Sur, CA. What is glamping you ask --> it's glamorous camping. It is camping stepped up a notch and more depending how much you want to spend. For example, instead of setting up your own tent you can book a yurt, which are tent-like circular fabric structures that may be furnished with a queen sized bed, vanity table,  and has electricity. Generally, glamping should be cheaper than staying at a nice hotel but I've seen campsites go to up to $209 a night (yikes). Below are highlights our first glamping experience. It was so amazing that it kinda ruined me for "camping". 

We drove from San Francisco to Big Sur along Highway 1. We stopped so many times to admire the view.

Before we got to Treebones we went hiking at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.  

More stopping along Highway 1 to enjoy the flowers. 

After we set up camp at Treebones we drove across the street to the beach.

We booked The Nest for the night, which was about $110.  There's a mattress in there so all you need are sleeping bags. We ended up not sleeping there and pitching our tent instead because my husband was afraid the wind was going to pickup during the night and we were going to freeze. The next day I did end up taking a nap in The Nest, which was so amazingly peaceful. 

The Nest has a gorgeous ocean view and it comes with a large campsite and even a gate. 

These yurts are sooo nice inside. The only thing they don't have are private bathrooms. Everyone has to use the communal bathrooms near the main entrance. Their bathrooms are the nicest camping bathrooms I have ever seen. They have blow dryers in the bathroom...blow dryers ->that's insane!

How amazing is this view? Treebones has two restaurants on site including a sushi restaurant. We ordered a salad from their main restaurant and also had sushi. Their produce comes from their own organic garden. Everything we had tasted fresh and delicious. My husband and I are extreme sushi snobs and we were really impressed with their selection. They also have a great selection of local wines.

Looking at our campsite from The Nest. 

Big Sur is gorgeous. I'll be back in the summer for some more glamping for sure. If you don't live in California but are interested in glamping check out these sites for a glamourous campsite near you:

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