Thursday, May 24, 2012

WTF Fashion: Poopy Pants

Back when I traveled to Europe in 2008 Harlem pants were all the rage. My girlfriends and I seriously thought the Europeans girls had gone mad because they were walking around in poopy looking diaper pants. I hoped the trend wouldn't cross the Atlantic -but it did AND thankfully the trend quickly disappeared. BUT yesterday while I was browsing the sale I stumbled upon POOPY PANTS -WTF!!! I thought this trend was dead and so did everyone else because these pants were on clearance for $20. I hope the only time someone would consider purchasing these pants would be for halloween. Please designers conserve some cotton and NEVER bring the  exaggerated Harlem Pant (aka poopy pant) trend back. 
She is hiding a diaper in there?

Not attractive at all.

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