Monday, June 18, 2012

Comfortable Shoes Shopping

A quick trip to pick up a carpet cleaner at Bed Bath and Beyond turned out to be a pricey detour. There I was determined to get some carpet cleaner when I found myself parked literally five feet away from Nordstrom Rack. Nordstrom Rack is a hit or miss place. Sometimes it looks like a hurricane came through and swept up the great finds and other days you can really find some great designer deals. I'm currently on vacation so I told myself well it wouldn't hurt just to browse. I made it through the clothing department without anything really catching my eye so I headed upstairs to the shoe department because I needed (well wanted) some comfortable shoes for my summer excursions.  Finding comfortable and flattering shoes are difficult for me because I have flat feet. If the sole isn't padded enough I feel like I'm walking barefoot and it can really ruin my mood. Below are some of the comfy shoes that somehow ended up in my cart (hmmm my split shopaholic personality must have put them there). I didn't take them all but I did buy a few (too many). 

TOMS vs. Steven Madden
 My heart skipped a beat when I saw these TOMS wedges for $26. These are currently $75 on the Nordstrom website right now. They were way more comfortable then these Steven Madden canvas flats.

Both these wedges were comfortable but the Munro heels on the right feel like you are walking on pillows -I'm not kidding. I have never heard of Munro but they are known to be comfortable walking shoes.  Their design was also just a bit more expensive looking than the Franco Sarto pair. Their original price is $130.

I really wished the Via Spiga patent nude loafers worked out. They would have gone with so many outfits but unfortunately they were just a bit too tight around my heel. The Calvin Klein pair were UBER comfortable. They almost felt like sneakers. I need these shoes for work -I do work with energetic young kids after all.

I can't seem to drop the animal print obsession. Both of these shoes were cute and comfortable BUT the Cole Haan pair is and looked more expensive. The Cole Haan pair also features the concealed Nike Air technology and is an awesome deal considering they are originally $180. These shoes would be perfect for work and an easy pair to slip on while I run errands.

Aerosoles are insanely comfortable shoes. Many of my work shoes are Aerosoles. Their downfall is they don't always have the most fashionable designs. I do like this pair and the carmel brown color is pretty versatile. 

These are other shoes that were really comfortable BUT they weren't so stylish so I didn't even consider purchasing them.

These are the pairs I bought...I know a bit excessive to come home with 5 PAIRS of shoes! This is why I shouldn't leave my house. On the I-need-to-rationalize-my-purchases side all these pairs combined are cheaper than one pair of Tory Burch croc print loafers. O.k. time to hide my shoes before my husband comes home...


  1. I'd like to point out the main issue here: why on earth do you need so much carpet cleaner....? I thought the doggie was fully trained by now!! Xoxo
    julia :)

    1. He is fully trained. We have one rug that I would to be cleaned thoroughly since people wear their shoes on it -including me.


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