Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Deal of the Day: The $3.60 Dress

Although I do love online shopping, often times the best deals are at the actually store. For example, the Gap is having a sale online and in stores. Online the sale is "Up to 50% off Selected Styles" while at the store anything already on sale (with the exception of Baby Gap) is an additional 40% off.

These beaded sandals are $39.95 online BUT I saw them at the store for $19.99 with an additional 40% off = $12.
I tried this romper at the store (NO I didn't buy it- even though my friend thought I should). Online it is it priced on sale at $44.99 but in the store it is an additional 40% off =$26.40.

My friend Esther bought these neon yellow jeans for $20. Although the jeans are a bit too trendy for me, they looked really good on her. She didn't end up buying the shirt because it wasn't on sale. She told me "I'll just wait until it goes on sale -everything eventually goes on sale here".
I stumbled upon this tweed dress on the clearance rack at the Gap and couldn't believe it was under $4. I wasn't my size but I thought it would definitely fit my friend Susan who is skinny and tall (yes, we all hate her).  The dress fit her really well and looked really good on her. Susan and I are always treating each other to coffees or drinks from time to time so this time I got her a dress instead. She could wear the dress casually with her TOMS (pictured) or dress it up with a statement necklace and heels. I also told her she could wear it with a skinny neon belt if she wanted a trendier look.  Hey, my budget conscious ways should benefit my friends too right?

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