Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fitness Check-In: Week 1

Taken on the Mark Davis Trail near Stinson Beach. Can you see the Golden Gate Bridge?
My first week on my new health and exercise plan wasn't perfect but it was pretty good. During my first week I exercised for 4 days. I did three Insanity DVDs and last Sunday I went on a grueling 4 hour hike with a bunch of friends near Stinson Beach. I also made a conscious effort not to stuff my face with sugar during this week. One of the things I'm realizing that I'm addicted to are carbs! Today I went to lunch with my co-workers and it took all my will power not to have the cappelli but order a spinach salad instead.  Tomorrow is the first day of my two month vacation so I will definitely have more time to be active and make healthy choices. AND yes I do realize how lucky I am I have the next two months to sleep in, re-energize, re-organize, and catch up with friends and family. 

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