Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Getting Insane in the Hood

For about 15 minutes this afternoon I looked like I was buying drugs in the hood.  *Picture this* 3:45 p.m. in the afternoon waiting with my friend on a street corner in Bayview-Hunter's Point with forty dollars in my pocket. My friend, Susan, and I waited there for about 15 minutes  for a teenager we never met and had no contact information for to deliver us the "goods".  Honestly, we felt shady standing there scanning the street for the anonymous teenager to show up.

What was I doing there? Well I literally was buying "Insanity" in the hood. Let me back track and explain. For the past few months I was feeling soft and lazy. Since my wedding last November I have gained some weight. It's true- you do gain "marriage" weight. I had two choices: I could either buy a new wardrobe (which would not be budget savvy) because none of my size 2 clothes fit anymore, or I could work my (growing) a** off. I chose the cheaper and healthier choice. So I e-mailed a guy on craigslist last night and bought the 13 disc set of the Insanity Workout DVDs for $25. The price for these videos is $144 so getting them for $25 is a total deal. Sometimes you have to travel to places you never planned to get a bargain.

So for the next few months will be a blog dedicated to fashion, fun, fabulous, and FIT for a fraction of the price. In a few weeks I will actually have the summer off (nice perk of my job) so I really have no excuse not to exercise. I've already done the first DVD: Fitness Test. I was doing fine until they introduced jumping lunges and jumping jax push-ups (WTF is right!). I also plan to take the dog on long walks (he is looking lazy himself) and visit this place two blocks from my house called the gym. Anyways, follow me on my fitness journey. I figure if I blog about it I HAVE to stick with it. If I can return back to a comfortable size 2 within the next 34 days I will reward myself with a mini shopping spree in New York City with my BFF (we planned this trip last week). Good luck to ME!


  1. I'm not sure this is what it looked like but we were in a bad area buying dvd's from an 8th grader that had no contact info for his "uncle"

  2. I know this wasn't meant to be offensive, but it came off pretty bad. Especially considering the extreme poverty in the area. I feel that you could have tactfully called it a 'bad area' rather than the hood which is synonymous with ghetto and other racial and socioeconomic categorizations. I am probably no longer going to subscribe to your blog anymore. Sorry.

    1. I really appreciate your honest input. You are right this post wasn't meant to be offensive especially since I myself work in a low SES Title 1 and Title 9 school. The post is mostly about buying the Insanity DVDs. In my defense I must say that blogging differs significantly from journalism –where blogging can take more of a colorful exaggerated approach. The word “hood” also has many different meanings (i.e., slang for neighborhood, underclass big-city neighborhood, etc.). I provided a link with information on Bayview-Hunter’s Point on this blog to actually give readers more information so they have more facts about this neighborhood. It is a fact that in recent years (2010-2011) there has been a significant decline in crime (20% decrease) and homicide (35% decrease) but in comparison to neighborhoods in the nation city officials still consider the area plagued by a high murder and crime rate.


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