Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Look for Less: Victoria Beckham Collar Dress

Even with a new baby girl Victoria Beckham always manages to look completely utterly fashionable at all times. I wonder if she even owns a pair of sweats? Maybe she has a dresser like the counts and countesses in Downton Abbey (a show which I'm slowly developing an obsession for by the way). Below she is wearing a dusty-pink crepe collar dress from her own Fall 2012 line. Even though $675 for a collar dress is pricey it actually is a few hundred dollars lower than similar collar dresses designed by Stella McCartney and Missoni.   If that's still way above your price point I found a "look for less" version from Rowe.com for $79. The collar dress is a great look that can be worn during the day with a pair of sandals or wedges or in the evening with classy heels.  

Victoria Beckham  Dress $675

Rowe Peter Pan Collar Dress $79

                                         Here is more fun and on SALE version of the collar dress:

Zara $19.99

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Clubbing Girl Gets Married: Bebe Wedding Dresses

One of my friends and I has a slight miscommunication on the phone this morning. I thought I heard her say she got her bridesmaid dress at Bebe but she was actually telling me she got the bride a dress at Bebe. Anyways our miscommunication (and my curious mind) lead me to go on the Bebe website where I exclaimed to her that Bebe did have a specific section for bridesmaid dresses and wedding dress. Wow- when I think of Bebe I think of scantily tight outfits appropriate only for raging dance clubs and Vegas but I guess the clubbing girl has to get married sometime right?

Their bridal section isn't half bad. They do not have a huge selection but their wedding dresses range from $229-$2,000, which is affordable and true to their loyal Bebe customers they offer the so difficult to find "00" dress size for both wedding dresses and bridesmaids gowns. Bebe is also currently offering 15% off of $125+ or 20% off of $250+ with the code: FALLCHIC. Here are some highlights (or the dresses worth mentioning) below:




Friday, July 27, 2012

What I Wore: Sari-Licious

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first Hindu wedding in Boston. Although I did travel to India a year ago to attend a wedding it was a Christian wedding. When I was in India I did stock up on a few saris for any future wedding celebrations. I finally got a chance to wear a few of them of the amazing wedding of Ruchir and Kate (congrats again you two). Although they are beautiful it requires some technique and skill to drape a sari -which I currently do not have. Thankfully my mother-in-law was able to literally "dress me". 

Worn to the pre-wedding Twilight Party
My "Tiffany Blue" sari worn to the wedding @ Boston Plaza Hotel
On our way to Dunkin Donuts
What the adorable bride wore.

If you love the elegant look of a sari but have no clue how to put one on then this Adrianna Papell dress might be for you. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Look for Less: What a Stud!

A few seasons zippered bags were all the rage now it's been replaced by the studded bag. The Alexander Wang Rocco bag is highly coveted by celebrities and after seeing it in person at Barney's I now know why. Besides being a stylish sexy accessory it also doubles as weights (workout) and as a weapon. The bag is extremely heavy -significantly heavier than my six pound Yorkie. It's a beautiful bag but not very functional. Although there are many replicas of this exact bag on the internet there are other fashionable and more affordable choices that won't weigh you or your wallet down.

Alexander Wang Rocco Bag $875

What a Stud!

Studded handbag

Studded handbag

Studded handbag

Studded handbag

Studded handbag

Warehouse studded handbag
$40 - warehouse.co.uk

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: Eyelash Extensions

When I was in NYC I couldn't resist buying a $34 Groupon for "Full Set of Natural-Look Eyelash Extensions". A few of my friends aree currently addicted to faux lashes and some of them have had really great results while others not so much. A full set in San Francisco can set you back $100-$300 easily so  getting a full set for $34 was definitely a deal -> plus it was 90 degrees that week so any place with air conditioning seemed like an oasis.

I made my appointment with Cateyelash which was conveniently a 10 minute walk from my hotel. The place only had two 5 star reviews on yelp which isn't so many but two great reviews are better than two horrible reviews. The woman who did my eyelashes was this cute friendly Japanese woman in her twenties. Since it was my first time she took the time to show me different lashes and explain to me the process. For $10 I added thicker lashes that would make me appear that I was wearing mascara 24/7. The process was completed under one hour. The woman individually glued faux lashes to my existing lashes. It didn't hurt and was actually relaxing (I think I could have fallen asleep). Below are the before and after results:

Here are the lashes one week later:

As you can see some of them have already fallen out. The lashes are suppose to last anywhere from 3 weeks to 1 month. During this time you are recommended not to wear mascara, eye liner, or use an oil based cleanser. So far so good although the very next day my right eye was puffy so I was a bit worried that I was allergic to the glue. 

Although they are fun and they make getting ready super easy (it already looks like you are wearing eye makeup all the time) I probably won't get them done again. The upkeep and maintenance is pricey and time consuming (filler appointments every 2-3 weeks). What I will probably go back to is Rapid Lash which is $32 a tube and last 3 months. Rapid Lash won't give me dramatic thick lashes overnight but when I used it a year ago it really did work for me and was super low maintenance (apply Rapid Lash 2x a day). 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Version: Cheap Eats NYC

New York City is a foodie's dream come true but it can take it's toll on your wallet.  Thankfully there are a million+ tasty cheap eats in NYC.  Here are just a few exceptional finds my BFF sampled during our trip.  In a city where a standard cocktail can cost $27 (um Peninsula Hotel roof top bar I'm referring to you) it's nice to know that you can find a meal for under $10 (tax + tip not included).

Sunday Dim Sum in Brooklyn at East Harbor Seafood Palace. I have had my fair share of dim sum but this place truly prevails. I'm not sure how many dishes we sampled -I lost count and passed out from the sodium somewhere after the 10th dish but it was about $45 to over feed our group of four. 

During our trip in New York everyone kept talking about this place called "Pok Pok". At first I thought  it was some type of horrible skin condition but I later found out it's really a hole in the wall  Thai wings place. You can get a plate of six wings (which are huge) for $12. WARNING: get the papaya salad in MILD. I made the mistake of getting it spicy and had difficulties breathing for two days. 

True Story: In a single day my BFF and I woke up and started our day with gourmet donuts, then we ate a plate of Cuban food, sampled some candy at Dylan's, engulfed ten pounds of ice cream at Serendipity 3,  and then finished off our night with Malaysian food in Little Italy. Then we got into a cab and the tires popped because we gained so much weight (o.k. that last sentence was completely fabricated BUT it could have happened). The pic above is from our last meal that night at Nyonya. Our Malaysian noodle dishes were $6.95 each and hot tea was served complimentary.

We were in  Midtown West and STARVING so we searched on yelp for restaurants and everything around us was $$$ or more EXCEPT for Tina's Cuban Cuisine which was "$" and had a four star rating. Our meals were delicious and tasted home-made, the service was friendly, and to top it all off most of the lunch specials are $9.

I'm am not a huge fan of donuts -I mean it's basically fried dough with tons of sugar BUT I am obsessed with Doughnut Plant. Their donuts are amazing. We tried the Creme Brulee and Coconut doughnuts which has to be one of the best things I ate during my trip. I wish I tried their peanut butter and jelly donut which was highlighted by the Food Network. Best of all their gourmet donuts will only set you back $2-$4 each. I wonder if they would consider delivering via overnight Fed Ex???

When it's 90 degrees outside nothing  and you are roaming the East Village nothing will refresh you like vegan ice cream (and airconditioning of course). My BFF LOVED Stogo and their unique flavors. He had strawberry and banana (which as I write that is a bit boring) while I had ginger and mojito. I had a Daily Candy certificate so both our medium servings were only $6 total.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm Melting...NYC

It's currently 93 degrees in NYC. I am writing this post in Bryant Park in the shade quietly suffering and sweating in a palm printed dress sporting the messy bunhead hair style (which I might add is trending). It's sooo hot! Almost as hot as the summer I spent backpacking throughout Southeast Asia. Besides the heat I'm enjoying my trip to NYC with my best friend. There have been some highs and lows and some unexpected surprises. One of them was definitely the our first airbnb experience in the East Village where we potentially inhaled some carbon monoxide and lost some brain cells (another post I promise). Canceling that reservation has caused us to be semi-nomads in NYC = apartment rental in East Village -> an uber luxurious hotel in Midtown ->staying with a friend in the Flatiron area -> and currently an "ok" hotel near Chelsea. I have lots of budget info to share about touring NYC but for now let me share some of my outfits and some of our outings.
First day at the Lower East Side (LES). 
Outfit details: Kate Spade bag ($100) & necklace ($90), pink jumper borrowed from a friend (thanks Sharon!). I'm wearing these cute sandals from T.J. Maxx but my friend cropped off my feet when he took the pic.
LES, Brooklyn, Soho
Outfit details: Tobi.com lace dress ($24), hat from Forever 21 ($8), sunglasses ($15), slip on canvas shoes from Tillys ($20), and vintage Gucci bag. 

Wore to: Dim sum and shopping in Brooklyn, afternoon wine at the Crosby Street Hotel in Soho, and then to an insane spicy dinner at Pok Pok in the LES. 

Outfit Details: Tobi.com Chevron dress ($24), Aerosoles carmel brown wedges ($39 @ Nordstrom Rack), Barney's zippered clutch

Wore to: Zarkana Cirque du Soleil @ Radio Music Hall and then to a 5 hour dance party at Industry Bar (Hell's Kitchen)

With my new (by marriage) twin cousins
Outfit Details: H&M palm print dress ($10), Kate Spade necklace ($90), and again my friend cut off our shoes in the pic (yes, I do need to give him some photo direction).

Wore to:  Fuera Bruta (Brute Force) near Union Square. This is an AMAZING show -be prepared to be surprised, soaked, and to DANCE!

Monday, July 9, 2012

What I Wore: Black and White

Kate Spade New York Octagon necklace SALE $89 @ Nordstroms

Caleigh & I @ the bubble gum alley at downtown San Luis Obispo
My nieces helped me pick out this new Kate Spade statement necklace this week. I had store credit so this mod inspired piece only cost me $50. I know it's still pricey for a necklace but I love how it can instantly dress anything up even this $15 Old Navy striped dress.  I told my nieces that if they ever turn into budding fashionistas I'll pass down all my costume jewelry to them. By then my accessories will be considered "vintage".

Outfit Details:
Me: Polarized sunglasses $15 @ sunglass cart in the mall,  Old Navy $15 dress, Kate Spade necklace $89, Calvin Klein flats $39 @ Nordstrom Rack, and Marc Jacobs bag.

Niece: Sweatshirt & black leggings from Zara

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kids: Exhausting BUT Fun

My nieces are in my guiding and loving care this week. They are on their North American tour for the summer and my husband and I have them for the last leg. We picked them up from their cousins in San Jose where they said they spent most of their time eating and watching television until 2 a.m. Not sure if they are exaggerating but I needed to show them that this was not the case in city (San Francisco). Children need experiences more than they need material items and definitely more than Facebook. Some of our adventures during the past three days:

Playing digital dress up in Japantown.

Taking in some of the city sights.

Shutting down technology and showing them they can have fun without any electricity (truth: we were painting and then our building had a black out).

Teaching them about coloring blocking, mixed prints, and Jean-Paul Gaultier (@ the De Young exhibit).

                                             Explaining the 4th nail trend.

Teaching them to more independent.

                           And of course celebrating the holiday. Happy 4th of July to everyone!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Style It: Turquoise Statement Necklace

Emma Stone in Burberry
Andrew Garfield is thinking "I CAN'T BELEVE she's my girlfriend- I'm not worthy".  Yup Andrew, we are thinking the same thing too. 
Emma Stone has been galavanting (o.k. she's been working) all over the world promoting the 'Amazing Spider-man'. Above is a pic of her in South Korea for the movie's press conference dressed in a Burberry Prorsum top and skirt. I like this outfit although it is very "Jcrew-like". What dresses up her outfit the most is her sewn in turquoise necklace. It brightens and dresses up her rather drab outfit. Below are some turquoise statement necklaces under $100 in case you want to add a little blue pop to your style. 

Roberta Chiarella Gold Turquoise Layered Necklace $78

Bloomingdale's Aqua Double Row Statement $48
Aqua Beaded Bib $28

Kenneth Jay Lane SALE $84

Stella & Dot $59

Seeded Bead SALE $7

Jcrew knockoff of the popular Bubble necklace. The style also sells on ebay but if you don't feel like bidding, watching, bidding, watching, etc. then snag yours on Etsy for $19. 

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