Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kids: Exhausting BUT Fun

My nieces are in my guiding and loving care this week. They are on their North American tour for the summer and my husband and I have them for the last leg. We picked them up from their cousins in San Jose where they said they spent most of their time eating and watching television until 2 a.m. Not sure if they are exaggerating but I needed to show them that this was not the case in city (San Francisco). Children need experiences more than they need material items and definitely more than Facebook. Some of our adventures during the past three days:

Playing digital dress up in Japantown.

Taking in some of the city sights.

Shutting down technology and showing them they can have fun without any electricity (truth: we were painting and then our building had a black out).

Teaching them about coloring blocking, mixed prints, and Jean-Paul Gaultier (@ the De Young exhibit).

                                             Explaining the 4th nail trend.

Teaching them to more independent.

                           And of course celebrating the holiday. Happy 4th of July to everyone!

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