Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Version: Cheap Eats NYC

New York City is a foodie's dream come true but it can take it's toll on your wallet.  Thankfully there are a million+ tasty cheap eats in NYC.  Here are just a few exceptional finds my BFF sampled during our trip.  In a city where a standard cocktail can cost $27 (um Peninsula Hotel roof top bar I'm referring to you) it's nice to know that you can find a meal for under $10 (tax + tip not included).

Sunday Dim Sum in Brooklyn at East Harbor Seafood Palace. I have had my fair share of dim sum but this place truly prevails. I'm not sure how many dishes we sampled -I lost count and passed out from the sodium somewhere after the 10th dish but it was about $45 to over feed our group of four. 

During our trip in New York everyone kept talking about this place called "Pok Pok". At first I thought  it was some type of horrible skin condition but I later found out it's really a hole in the wall  Thai wings place. You can get a plate of six wings (which are huge) for $12. WARNING: get the papaya salad in MILD. I made the mistake of getting it spicy and had difficulties breathing for two days. 

True Story: In a single day my BFF and I woke up and started our day with gourmet donuts, then we ate a plate of Cuban food, sampled some candy at Dylan's, engulfed ten pounds of ice cream at Serendipity 3,  and then finished off our night with Malaysian food in Little Italy. Then we got into a cab and the tires popped because we gained so much weight (o.k. that last sentence was completely fabricated BUT it could have happened). The pic above is from our last meal that night at Nyonya. Our Malaysian noodle dishes were $6.95 each and hot tea was served complimentary.

We were in  Midtown West and STARVING so we searched on yelp for restaurants and everything around us was $$$ or more EXCEPT for Tina's Cuban Cuisine which was "$" and had a four star rating. Our meals were delicious and tasted home-made, the service was friendly, and to top it all off most of the lunch specials are $9.

I'm am not a huge fan of donuts -I mean it's basically fried dough with tons of sugar BUT I am obsessed with Doughnut Plant. Their donuts are amazing. We tried the Creme Brulee and Coconut doughnuts which has to be one of the best things I ate during my trip. I wish I tried their peanut butter and jelly donut which was highlighted by the Food Network. Best of all their gourmet donuts will only set you back $2-$4 each. I wonder if they would consider delivering via overnight Fed Ex???

When it's 90 degrees outside nothing  and you are roaming the East Village nothing will refresh you like vegan ice cream (and airconditioning of course). My BFF LOVED Stogo and their unique flavors. He had strawberry and banana (which as I write that is a bit boring) while I had ginger and mojito. I had a Daily Candy certificate so both our medium servings were only $6 total.

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