Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: Eyelash Extensions

When I was in NYC I couldn't resist buying a $34 Groupon for "Full Set of Natural-Look Eyelash Extensions". A few of my friends aree currently addicted to faux lashes and some of them have had really great results while others not so much. A full set in San Francisco can set you back $100-$300 easily so  getting a full set for $34 was definitely a deal -> plus it was 90 degrees that week so any place with air conditioning seemed like an oasis.

I made my appointment with Cateyelash which was conveniently a 10 minute walk from my hotel. The place only had two 5 star reviews on yelp which isn't so many but two great reviews are better than two horrible reviews. The woman who did my eyelashes was this cute friendly Japanese woman in her twenties. Since it was my first time she took the time to show me different lashes and explain to me the process. For $10 I added thicker lashes that would make me appear that I was wearing mascara 24/7. The process was completed under one hour. The woman individually glued faux lashes to my existing lashes. It didn't hurt and was actually relaxing (I think I could have fallen asleep). Below are the before and after results:

Here are the lashes one week later:

As you can see some of them have already fallen out. The lashes are suppose to last anywhere from 3 weeks to 1 month. During this time you are recommended not to wear mascara, eye liner, or use an oil based cleanser. So far so good although the very next day my right eye was puffy so I was a bit worried that I was allergic to the glue. 

Although they are fun and they make getting ready super easy (it already looks like you are wearing eye makeup all the time) I probably won't get them done again. The upkeep and maintenance is pricey and time consuming (filler appointments every 2-3 weeks). What I will probably go back to is Rapid Lash which is $32 a tube and last 3 months. Rapid Lash won't give me dramatic thick lashes overnight but when I used it a year ago it really did work for me and was super low maintenance (apply Rapid Lash 2x a day). 

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  1. They look amazing on you. I tried to keep them up but go over in about 3 months :)


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