Monday, July 30, 2012

The Clubbing Girl Gets Married: Bebe Wedding Dresses

One of my friends and I has a slight miscommunication on the phone this morning. I thought I heard her say she got her bridesmaid dress at Bebe but she was actually telling me she got the bride a dress at Bebe. Anyways our miscommunication (and my curious mind) lead me to go on the Bebe website where I exclaimed to her that Bebe did have a specific section for bridesmaid dresses and wedding dress. Wow- when I think of Bebe I think of scantily tight outfits appropriate only for raging dance clubs and Vegas but I guess the clubbing girl has to get married sometime right?

Their bridal section isn't half bad. They do not have a huge selection but their wedding dresses range from $229-$2,000, which is affordable and true to their loyal Bebe customers they offer the so difficult to find "00" dress size for both wedding dresses and bridesmaids gowns. Bebe is also currently offering 15% off of $125+ or 20% off of $250+ with the code: FALLCHIC. Here are some highlights (or the dresses worth mentioning) below:




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