Monday, July 9, 2012

What I Wore: Black and White

Kate Spade New York Octagon necklace SALE $89 @ Nordstroms

Caleigh & I @ the bubble gum alley at downtown San Luis Obispo
My nieces helped me pick out this new Kate Spade statement necklace this week. I had store credit so this mod inspired piece only cost me $50. I know it's still pricey for a necklace but I love how it can instantly dress anything up even this $15 Old Navy striped dress.  I told my nieces that if they ever turn into budding fashionistas I'll pass down all my costume jewelry to them. By then my accessories will be considered "vintage".

Outfit Details:
Me: Polarized sunglasses $15 @ sunglass cart in the mall,  Old Navy $15 dress, Kate Spade necklace $89, Calvin Klein flats $39 @ Nordstrom Rack, and Marc Jacobs bag.

Niece: Sweatshirt & black leggings from Zara

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