Friday, August 31, 2012

(Almost) 50 Shades of Grey for under $50

A week ago I  downloaded the 50 Shades of Grey audiobook on my iphone  to help make my 7+ hour road trip to Orange Country a bit more bearable. Everywhere I went I kept hearing about this book that was becoming a cultural phenomenon. In summary the audiobook is HORRIBLE-  I can and can't believe this book has sold over 20+ million copies to date. The story is pure (or dirty) fantasy at it's apex. Imagine... gorgeous young successful billionaire goes after a 22 year old virgin to become his sex slave but her  sweetness and "smart mouth" causes him to fall in love with her and after a few short months he proposes with a "oval diamond in a platinum ring".  I haven't read the third book in the trilogy but I  bet there is no mention of a prenup. 

Anyways, despite the book's shortcomings it was my inspiration for today's blog post: 50 Shades of Grey for Under $50. All clothing and accessories featured below is under $50. I could imagine Anastasia Grey wearing  some of the clothing below but obviously it  would have had to been before she was introduced to Mr. Grey and his personal shopper at Neiman's. 
(Almost) 50 Shades of Grey for under $50

Dorothy Perkins floral dress

Maxi dress

Knit sweater

H M knit cardigan
$40 -

Skinny jeans

Charlotte Russe skinny jeans

Gray shoes

Grey boots
$35 -

High heels

Red Herring wedge shoes
$17 -

Dorothy Perkins quilted handbag

Vintage handbag

Envirosax tote handbag

Blu Bijoux gold jewelry

Style co watch

Blu Bijoux wrap bracelet

Jon Richard pearl jewelry
$19 -

John Lewis collar necklace
$19 -

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