Thursday, August 2, 2012

Essential Fall: Peplum

Our fashion vocabulary word of the day is: Peplum. Peplum is a greek word for tunic and is defined as a "Short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket, blouse or dress". Peplum is a trending style that will continue into fall. One reason that the peplum style is so popular is because it works with so many different body types. On some it can help further accentuate your curves, on others it can actually give you curves, and on many the peplum shape can also hide unflattering areas. When shopping for a peplum of your own you have to look for styles that flares out in the spot where you are the skinniest and ends in the spot you are trying to conceal. Remember that not all peplums are created the same, some are slight while others are more exaggerated. 

Peplum for different body types

Denbenhams $36

Peplum Stud Petite Dress $68 @ Miss Selfridge 

ASOS CURVE $66 $35

ModCloth $55
Dorothy Perkins $79

ASOS Peplum Jacket $82
Zara $19.90

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