Monday, October 29, 2012

$40 Off

There are so many shoe monthly memberships that can make any fashionista's head spin. Just Fab, Shoe Dazzle, Sole Society, and Shoe Mint are the four biggest sites. Out of all these sites Shoe Mint  has the lowest inventory but for someone that can get overstimulated with "too much stuff" I appreciate that most of the collection can be seen within one screen page. I personally also feel that Shoe Mint has more stylish and practical shoes. Unlike the Kardashians I can't pull off 6 inch spiked heels every day -I work with children for heaven's sake...really fast children. 

Check out and if anything catches your eye use the coupon code below: SAVE40F to receive $40 off (practically 50%) off your first item. I have my eyes on the Lorena heels below. They are definitely not appropriate for work but they will stand out during a Girl's Night Out. 

Candy (Wine) $120
Nancy $80
Leila $80
Sasha $120
Lorena $80

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