Saturday, March 31, 2012

The City Girl Chic Guide to Thrifting

Last Wednesday, Susan (my co-worker and carpool buddy) and I took a detour to the Burlingame Goodwill on our way home to San Francisco.  I haven't been to a thrift store in over a year but I read good reviews on yelp about this shop so I was curious to check it out. I ended up getting two button down shirts (a Benetton pink shirt and a Sisley mint colored shirt) both for $8. We also checked out Pick of the Litter Thrift Shop, which was around the corner, where Susan bought a plaid blazer for $15 and I got a $3 green skinny belt. Thrifting can be fun and you can get some good buys but it's important to have some rules in order to prevent you from bringing junk into your home.

The City Girl Chic Guide to Thrifting:

Some good finds: Kate Spade bag ($15), Couch purse ($18), Kate Spade sandals ($18), and an old vintage camera ($10) 
1.)    Get Over Yourself. If there is one thing people constantly complain about thrift stores it is the smell. Yes –old things sometimes smell. Have you ever been to a convalescent home it doesn’t always smell like freesia and baby powder.  You are not at Bloomingdale’s you are at Goodwill –perusing used discarded clothes, books, and furniture that people have given way. The pros is the insanely cheap price and the fact your purchases will benefit a good cause -> the con is it's Goodwill.

Tory Burch print-like
2.)    It’s ok to use some imagination but don’t be delusional. When you look at mismatched clothing you have to imagine how you will wear it (e.g., with jeans, a skirt, a sweater over it, etc.). Don’t be delusional into thinking that you will somehow transform a $2 polyester men’s shirt into a Tory Burch lookalike a-line dress with a purple skinny belt. Unless you have sewing skills that rival the contenders of project runway buy clothes that fit you and are in good condition.

Button down shirts from $2-$5
3.)    Examine-Examine-Examine. You are at a thrift store there are no returns. Just because the shirt looks great from afar doesn't mean it's in great condition. Are all the buttons there? Are there visible stains? Most importantly are there sweat stains? I know gross!

Trending at the Thrift Store: Floral Prints
4.)  Don't be a hoarder. Have you seen the TLC show "Hoarders". It's not pretty and flat out disgusting. True hoarders  love thrift stores because you can buy a lot of *crap* for under $10. When you see something that catches your eye truly ask yourself "Do I really need this?" and "Am I really going to wear this?". If you feel like you can't distinguish between your "wants" and "needs" then you need to bring a friend with you -preferably a friend that does not have impulse control issues. 

Excellent Find: vintage Diane Von Furstenburg top ($15). Didn't need it, didn't buy it :-)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Wine Tasting in Style

If there is anything that ruins a wine tasting trip it is figuring out who will be the designated driver. Last Saturday a group of us went wine tasting in Sonoma. I randomly found a deal on Home Run for half off Limo wine tasting trip for 8 people for 6 hours. It was no one's birthday, no one was getting married, and we weren't really celebrating anything  -> we kind of just booked it and hoped for the best. Before the trip began I had low expectations. I mean the weather was pretty awful and rained all morning but the minute  we got into the limo, popped some champagne and blasted some Whitney Houston (RIP) I was really happy we were all there.  Below are some highlights from our rainy day trip to Sonoma via white limo. 

Yah for Susan for brining Dynamo Donuts! I had a bacon donut (don't judge).

The Crew

Ram's Gate winery is gorgeous but the wines aren't anything to brag about.

Wine Tasting Outfit details: Dress $30 @ Sak's 5th Ave. outlet, necklace $6 @ Ideeli, $80 BCBG Generation boots @ Marshalls, and Marc by Marc Jacobs bag $56

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Look for Less: Mad Men "Zou Bisou Bisou" Minidress

Mad Men Vintage Black Dress

Corner Booth Charmer Dress @ ModCloth $47.99

Black Beaded Tunic @ Dorothy Perkins $55

Etsy Replicia Dress $235

Did you watch the season premiere of Mad Men last Sunday? As you can tell from this blog post I obviously did. My friend Julia and I originally had visions of grandeur -> we were going to dress up Mad Men style, get dolled up with hair and makeup and drink dirty martinis. Then reality set in and there we were in our old sweats, sans makeup, drinking $10 wine, and eating pot roast with salad. I know super glamourous right? The fashion highlight of the show was definitely the new Mrs. Draper's super short black cocktail dress. Is it me or has Megan's wardrobe suddenly stepped up since she tied the knot? Well if you loved that dress but aren't married to a rich 40 year old advertisement exec that drinks and smokes all day (sorry Don but it's true) then here are some "look for less" alternatives to the "Zou Bisou" dress.  And if you are curious what "Zou Bisou Bisou" means it translates to: kiss, kiss, kiss. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Friends & Family: Bloomingdales, Sephora, & Loehmann's

BLOOMINGDALE'S March 26- April 1st: Online Promo Code: FANDF

SEPHORA March 29 -April 6th: Online Promo Code: CHICWEEK

LOEHMANN'S March 29th-April 2nd: Online Promo Code: FRIENDS12

Monday, March 26, 2012

Fashions You Should NEVER Buy Even If You Won the Lottery

I think someone at  Diane Von Furstenberg made a mistake and these pants should have been  marketed for her children's Gap line. Cute on an infant not so much for a grown woman walking down the street. What does it cost to look instantly tacky = $405

Even if these pants were $2 at the Mission St. Goodwill I would NEVER buy them. I can't believe  shopbop is selling them for $355! 

Crochet Chanel Bag $3500 for that Uber-rich woman that sits on the board at PETA and is 90 years old

Iris Schieferstein £1,300 per pair -for the rich that have a kinky animal fetish and want everyone to know it.  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

SUPER EASY No-Cook Appetizers

Honestly, I am not your "slaving over the hot stove" type.  So when Julia and I hosted our friends' (Paul + Sharon) engagement party I wanted to make (ok more like cut and assemble) some simple but delicious appetizers. Here's some of the appetizers below. They are super-budget friendly, easy, and they involve ZERO COOKING. Guaranteed to wow your friends and leave you enough time to do your hair and makeup ;-)

View from the table

Skewer +Seedless watermellon +lowfat feta + mint

Fruit Skewers (strawberries, grapes, pineapple) surrounded by Star Fruit
Skewer+ Mozzarella Ball + Basil + Mini Heirloom tomato

Veggie Plate with Hummus

Plate of: Meats + crackers +cheeses + olives
Cucumber, low fat whipped cream cheese, pepper, lox, and capers

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

S.F. Style: Trending Around Town

                                                 My ex-roomie, fellow fashionista, and friend: Annie 

Trending: Colored Jeans, Laced-up boots, and Navajo,
Wore to: Brunch with me (+ 4 others) at Boxing Room, Hayes Valley
Details: yellow jeans Macy's, Navajo scarf @ Forever 21 ($7), All Saints Boots, Barney's outlet purse,  vintage cream shirt is from her mom's closet, faux glasses purchased on a trip to Japan

Esther: The Trendy Attorney
Trending: the 4th nail, the nude nail, rock necklace, colored jeans, leopard shoes
Wore to: Wine Club gathering in the Marina on Sunday night
Details: Gap red jeansnail polish Zoya Sooki (red), Christian Dior Camel (4th finger), Banana Republic leopard shoes ($73), black top from Liv (boutique in the Marina, San Francisco), & necklaces from Forever21 ($13 for both).

Trending:  Tribal print
Wore To: Work last week
DetailsTobi dress ($25), BCBG generation boots ($80), Zara sweater (7 years old), bag (FREE at a my neighbor's moving sale), necklace purchased somewhere in Morocco ($2)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ruche Releases Highly Affordable Vintage Wedding Line

  • Ava



    Ruche launched their highly affordable vintage inspired wedding line today. Bridal dresses range from $72 to $850 
    and bridesmaid dresses retail from $52 to $146. There is also a great selection of accessories, veils, purses, and sashes. 
    Check them on for their complete collection of bridal looks.  
  • Alexandria



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