Thursday, January 3, 2013

Still Recovering...

There we were celebrating New Years Eve in Bologna, which some consider may have the best food in all of Italy. My husband booked us reservations at Da Cesari which is highly rated and was one of the few restaurants recommended by Frommer's. Being a semi-foodie I was excited about our six course meal that also included a bottle of red wine, a bottle of champagne, and an aperitivo. The restaurant was charming (it's over 100 years old), the service was impeccable, but after course number three my stomach turned on me. I hope none of the restaurant staff thought I was anorexic because my numerous trips to the bathroom and because I turned down dish after dish -even the tempting dessert plate and the bottle of champagne. To this day I'm not sure what happened. My husband thinks I might have had a food allergy since I was basically afraid of food for about two entire days. Not able to eat and traveling in Italy is basically a form of first world torture. I am slowly recovering and taking it slow but on the positive side I haven't gained 10 pounds in Italy.

Here are some highlights from Bologna. It's a beautiful city and apart with what happened on NYE the handmade pasta (a Bologna specialty) is something to definitely try if you are in the area.

Course #4 @ Da Cesari -I wanted to crawl under the table and die but the staff would eventually notice.

The Mechanical Monkey  burns in Piazza Maggiore on NYE

Happy New Years Everyone! 

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