Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Guide to Selling Your Wedding Dress

As a psychologist I like watching other psychologists at work. So I'm a fan of the TLC show "My Shopping Addiction".  In summary it's a show about two clinical psychologists using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques (CBT) to rid others of their excessive materialism. Truth- I also love watching this show because it makes my shopping issues look completely normal -although my husband begs to differ, but he has no psychology degree so he has no expertise in this matter. Anyways, one of the psychologist said something very profound to one of their $50,000 in shopping debt client. He told her that our memories are in our heads and not in our clothes. This comment is sooo true but I think one of the reasons why women and men have such a hard time purging their closet is because we attach memories and emotions to garments.

When I started cleaning out my closet I knew I had to sell my wedding dress. For one, I will NEVER wear it again and second it took up way too much room. It was actually super easy to sell my dress and I had over 12 inquiries. In the end I ended up selling to a woman living in Idaho. Her parents who live four hours away actually drove to San Francisco so they could pay me in cash and pick up the dress. They were soooo ridiculously sweet and in the end I asked them if they could send me a picture of their daughter in the dress after her wedding day. Although, my wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life the memories live on in pictures and in my head -not in an ivory Vera Wang dangling on a hanger. The cash also cheered me up too :-)

The Guide to Selling Your Wedding Dress

1.) Get your wedding dress professionally cleaned and make sure they place it in a garment bag.

2.) Set up a listing on a popular preowned wedding dress site. I used  It cost me $25 and the listing appears until your dress sells. It is also the #1 site that comes up when you search "preowned wedding dresses". I also like this site because they do not take a percentage of the dress when it sells. 

3.) Make sure you include quality pictures on your posting. I received many e-mails asking me for more pictures so I also included a link to my wedding photographer's site.

4.) Price your dress correctly. You should google your dress to determine what others are selling it for used. There is also a pricing guide on preowned if you aren't sure.

                                                             Good Luck!

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