Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trending: Pumped Up Sneakers

When I was in Italy heeled sneakers were trending in the stores but had yet to grace any female's feet. If I was under the age of maybe 25 I would rock these but I'm not so these heeled sneakers would definitely look silly on me. They would scream out "mid life crisis" before I was even considered "mid life". These shoes are super fun and what I would imagine someone like Sarah Jessica Parker wearing if she ever stepped foot in the gym. If you are under 25 years old and considering picking up a pair get a pair (like the ones below) for under $50. These shoes are so trendy and highly unpractical I doubt they would be fashionable for more than two seasons. Trending: Pumped Up Sneakers

Dorothy perkin

Dorothy perkin

ASOS sneaker wedge
$40 -

Charlotte Russe wedge sneaker

Forever 21 wedge sneaker

Black canvas sneaker
$23 -

Monday, February 4, 2013

Quick Weekend in Portland

This past weekend we took a quick trip to Portland, Oregon to celebrate our fantastic friends Martin & Emily’s wedding. Portland is a great budget friendly destination. Although this has been my third trip to Portland I always look forward to my next trip to this eclectic city. The best time to go is during the spring, early fall, or summer. Although we experienced some gray skies and chilly weather the people were warm and friendly, and the food did not disappoint. Here are some highlights of our trip:

We used our miles and points on this trip so our entire trip (minus the tax-free MacBook computer my husband bought) cost us under $150. We booked a room at the Kimpton Monaco Hotel. I love the funkiness of the Kimpton hotels. I've never been in a hotel room where everything completely clashed. Staying at the Monaco also had many perks. A coffee and hot chocolate bar in the morning and a complimentary happy hour featuring local Oregon wines in the afternoon (5pm-6pm). Money Saving Tip: Take the $2.50 light rail from the airport to any of the downtown Portland hotels. 

Good inexpensive food in Portland is easy to find if you don't mind eating on the street. Portland has an amazing food truck culture. You can definitely eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner for under $20 a day and there are drinking fountains all of the city so buying a bottled beverage is not necessary. 

No trip to Portland is complete without visiting Powell's Books. Powell's Books is the LARGEST independent used and new bookstore in the world. Considering that bookstores are becoming extinct in San Francisco, browsing Powell's was a real treat. You could probably spend the entire day afternoon in here. 
You also cannot leave Seattle without trying Stumps Coffee and the Elvis Sighting at The Original. I'm not a fan of french toast or peanut butter BUT I had a healthy bite of this (off my friend's plate) and it's probably the best thing I've tasted all month. Not only does the Elvis Sighting consist of french toast, banana mousse, peanut butter sauce but it also has bacon (I just had a heart attack).

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