Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trending: Pumped Up Sneakers

When I was in Italy heeled sneakers were trending in the stores but had yet to grace any female's feet. If I was under the age of maybe 25 I would rock these but I'm not so these heeled sneakers would definitely look silly on me. They would scream out "mid life crisis" before I was even considered "mid life". These shoes are super fun and what I would imagine someone like Sarah Jessica Parker wearing if she ever stepped foot in the gym. If you are under 25 years old and considering picking up a pair get a pair (like the ones below) for under $50. These shoes are so trendy and highly unpractical I doubt they would be fashionable for more than two seasons. Trending: Pumped Up Sneakers

Dorothy perkin

Dorothy perkin

ASOS sneaker wedge
$40 -

Charlotte Russe wedge sneaker

Forever 21 wedge sneaker

Black canvas sneaker
$23 -

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  1. Nowadays, women pursure all kinds of uniuqe and fashionable items to beautify their personal style, such as earings, necklace, skirts, shorts, dress, women wedge sneakers and so on.


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