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I grew up in sunny Orange County near the beaches and Walt Disney world. After years of trying to figuring out what I want to “be when I grow up” I found myself in graduate school for school psychology in San Francisco. I instantly fell in love with city life –the vibe, culture, creativity and the people.  I have now lived in San Francisco for over 7 years. It is here that I have met some of my best friends, became highly independent, and met the love of my life –who I just married last November in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (yah beach wedding).

My two other loves are traveling and fashion. I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world. Travel has definitely intensified my addiction to clothes. In Paris and Italy I truly began to appreciate luxury design and quality stitching; in Tokyo I became fascinated with the Japanese’s obsession of fantasy and fun contrasted with their love of meticulous clean and modern lines; and then in Morocco and India my love of texture and color was re-born. 

Goofing Around in South India
Living in San Francisco is insanely expensive so I created this site to share tips with other budget fashionistas.  I believe pricey labels do not always equal style. Citygirlchic.net is a blog dedicated to budget conscious fashionistas who desire a fabulous and fun lifestyle for a fraction of the cost. 

Taking a break in Paris

Meet my content and social media contributor, Julia:

Originally from Argentina, Julia loves blogging, cooking, reading and traveling.
She lives in San Francisco with her husband Rob and kitty-kat Snuggie. During the week, she works in social media and often times does hair and makeup on the weekends.

She also blogs in Spanish, for those of you looking to practice some!

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