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I grew up in sunny Orange County near the beaches and Walt Disney world. After years of trying to figuring out what I want to “be when I grow up” I found myself in graduate school for school psychology in San Francisco. I instantly fell in love with city life –the vibe, culture, creativity and the people.  I have now lived in San Francisco for over 7 years. It is here that I have met some of my best friends, became highly independent, and met the love of my life –who I just married last November in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (yah beach wedding).

My two other loves are traveling and fashion. I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world. Travel has definitely intensified my addiction to clothes. In Paris and Italy I truly began to appreciate luxury design and quality stitching; in Tokyo I became fascinated with the Japanese’s obsession of fantasy and fun contrasted with their love of meticulous clean and modern lines; and then in Morocco and India my love of texture and color was re-born. 

Goofing Around in South India
Living in San Francisco is insanely expensive so I created this site to share tips with other budget fashionistas.  I believe pricey labels do not always equal style. Citygirlchic.net is a blog dedicated to budget conscious fashionistas who desire a fabulous and fun lifestyle for a fraction of the cost. 

Taking a break in Paris

Meet my content and social media contributor, Julia:

Originally from Argentina, Julia loves blogging, cooking, reading and traveling.
She lives in San Francisco with her husband Rob and kitty-kat Snuggie. During the week, she is the CEO & Founder of TidyMarketer.

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